Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Teacher’s Purpose

Sometimes, when you look back when you were still in school, you’d think about the legendary stories and your teachers who gave you hard times. You would just see yourself asking why would they do that. Life itself is hard enough already, why would they even add more weight for you to carry.

If you really think about it, they could just stand in front of you, they can say anything they want and they will get paid just for that. The reason they are not doing that and sometimes they would just give you a challenge is actually quite obvious. it is for you to learn. Different teachers have their own different methods or way for their students to gain knowledge.

Think of this. Why would the teachers have their eyes always on the hardheaded ones? It is because they needed it the most. That sometimes punishing them is a way for them to learn. For them to think about what they did. Teachers could just let it all go away but the fact that they care about their students, they would do anything for their student to be on the right path.

It is not easy to be a teacher. Imagine handling different people every day, with different kinds of attitudes and characters, watching every move that you make. Teachers goal is straightforward, teach then go home. Whatever way they want. But their purpose brings a different game. They want you to learn and not only in what they teach but also in life. They are molding you to be responsible and future proof. As I have said, life brings tough challenges and a teacher’s another goal is for you to learn to face those challenges. One mistake doesn’t mean you didn’t pass. One mistake doesn’t define a person. Everything that you do doesn’t have to be perfect for them. They just want to see you up in the stage, receiving your diploma. For them, the real diploma is yourself, bringing all the knowledge they gave you towards the future. And that is their purpose.

Take time to thank your teachers. Give gifts if you want to. It would mean a lot to them by just receiving a Thank you note from you. And just like you, they have other problems too. Try not to be another problem they have to deal with.

Happy World Teachers’ Day!

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